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Here is a bit about my novel and myself.

There is also a freebie at the end!

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The Chimney Still Stands
By: Tammy Snyder

A dying man, returning to his childhood home, must relive a past that has cost him everything in order to find the peace and forgiveness he desperately needs.


Tandon Bowman, newly promoted as manager of a survey team for the National Park Service, is told his new job is to go to the one place he had tried hard to stay away from - Jasper, Arkansas. It is to be his job to help the distraught landowners along the Buffalo River understand why they will lose their land to the nationalizing of the river.

JulieAnn Peterson, editor of the local newspaper, while always wishing her old high school sweetheart would return, is stunned that evening at the town meeting when she sees Tandon standing there before the podium.

Knowing that Tandon works for the very government that is taking homes and land from the ones he loves would put a strain on any relationship. But, will it stand in the way of healing an old rift between he and his father? Will it ruin his chance to be with the only woman he has ever loved? Or will giving up his dream job be his only chance at real happiness?

My Bucket List Novel

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My Favorite Editorial Reviews!

"It's not very often that an author can twist the plot and surprise me, but Tammy did a fine job of that in The Chimney Still Stands, her debut novel. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a love story with a twist. It will definitely draw you in and keep you hooked until the last page." 

~ Mandy Shemery ~ Literary R&R

"​If you like the novels of Nicholas Sparks you'll love this one. It's a poignantly told drama that will make you laugh, make you cry and at times make you angry. And isn't that just what a great author can do, pull all the emotions out of her readers. Don't hesitate to get this read, all you need is an e-reader, a box of tissues and a love of a great story."

~ Debbie Haupt ~ The Reading Frenzy

About The Author

Tammy Snyder (1971-...) was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1991 she moved south to Arkansas, where she still resides, in the heart of the Ozarks, just a stone's throw away from the Buffalo River she writes about in her debut novel, The Chimney Still Stands.

Always reading and writing she finally found time in 1999 to begin writing her first serious novel. She loves to read a variety of genres, but when it comes to her own work, she enjoys writing inspirational stories that make you laugh, cry, and fall in love.

Tammy is happily married and has three amazing sons and beautiful daughters-in-law.


I have since moved to Harrison, Arkansas which is just a smidge further away from the Buffalo River. I also now have four grandchildren! I have an amazing and blessed life thanks to God! 


PHOTO taken a while ago! I miss all that red in my hair! lol


The End! ;)

  Free Phone Wallpapers

Fun Freebie!

I love phone wallpapers with scriptures, so I got creative one day and made these. If you would like any, feel free to download them to your phone! 

Simply click on an image to enlarge, scroll through them all, then choose any or all that you like and download them onto your phone. They're perfect for your lock screen, home screen, and call background! Enjoy! :)

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