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  • May I suggest a topic for discussion?
    Yes, I would love to know what you are interested in studying! Send it via the Chat button or through the Contact page. Thanks! 😀
  • I disagree with something you wrote. Can I ask you about it?
    Absolutely! I am here to help! Send your concern through the Chat button or through the Contact page. Thank you! 😀
  • Can I submit an article or devotional?
    Why, yes, I'd love that! There are some rules though! See the next question for answers. Thanks! 😀
  • What are the Guidelines to be a Guest Writer?
    I'm glad you asked! It's simple! 😃 Guest Writer Guidelines: 1.) You must be a female member of the church of Christ (any age & from anywhere in the world). 2.) Either reach me through the Chat button or email me telling me your name, where you worship, and the subject of the article/devotional/video you'd like to submit. 3.) It should be understood that you are not committing to anything. You can submit one time or repeatedly. 4.) It should be understood that a submission can be turned down for any reason. I'll respond Yay or Nay ASAP. If I do accept your subject, I will send you an emailed invitation to be a GUEST WRITER ! Yay!! :) If you accept the GUEST WRITER invitation, you will get your own GUEST WRITER page where you can type up your articles, etc right there on the blog yourself. You can add video, pics, etc. You can also put in your personal information to share with viewers (social media links, email, profile pic, etc.). All of this, and your posts, will be under the Member tab where everyone can easily find out more about you and what you've shared. Keep in mind as you type up your articles, etc. : 1.) They must include scripture references: book, chapter, verse(s), and the Bible version you are using. Ex: Matthew 22:14 (KJV). 2.) Can be of any decent length. 3.) Include a short bio of yourself to include at the end. 4.) You will simply save it so I can check it and add an image with the title to complement your article. Then I will publish it and you can share it wherever you like. I look forward to hearing from you! 😀
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