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55 Classic, Device-Free Activities Your Grandchildren Will Love

"Go outside and play!" I heard that all of the time growing up. You may have too. Growing up in the '70s and '80s meant that I had access to electronic games and television - as they do now, but my family always encouraged us to get out and meet new friends and just do something. And we did. With just a little thought, we came up with all kinds of things to do. Now, as a grandmother, I have the opportunity to pass on that tradition to my grandkids. As they grow, they might make friends in our neighborhood when they come to visit and they'll have something fun to do with them. There are also plenty of activities they can play with us, each other, or alone.

Below is a list of 55 activities I grew up playing. You may recognize some of them also. If you don't know what they are or remember how to play them, I encourage you to Google them. I would explain them here, but there are so many that I would be here forever and this post would be very long. Lol

Enjoy reminiscing! :)

55 Classic, Device-Free Activities Your Grandchildren Will Love

(Indoor and outdoor activities are in no particular order)

  1. Kick The Can

  2. Hopscotch

  3. Jacks

  4. Pick-Up Sticks

  5. Tag

  6. Kickball

  7. Hide-And-Seek

  8. Red Rover

  9. Freeze Tag

  10. Simon Says

  11. Tug Of War

  12. Jenga

  13. Tic-Tac-Toe

  14. Duck, Duck, Goose

  15. Skip Rocks On Water

  16. Roll Down A Hill

  17. Jump In A Pile Of Leaves

  18. Fly Kites

  19. Jump Rope (and Double Dutch)

  20. Go To The Park

  21. Classic Board Games

  22. House Of Cards

  23. Domino Toppling

  24. A Fort

  25. Arm Wrestling

  26. Hot Hands

  27. Mother May I

  28. Blind Man's Bluff

  29. Red Light Green Light

  30. Sack Race

  31. Yo-Yo

  32. Marbles

  33. Tree Swing

  34. Heads Up, Seven Up

  35. Musical Chairs

  36. Telephone

  37. London Bridge

  38. Horse

  39. Hot Potato

  40. Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

  41. Frisbee

  42. Hula Hoop

  43. Keep Away

  44. Limbo

  45. Cloud Shapes

  46. Bubbles

  47. Juggling

  48. Croquet

  49. Ride A Bicycle

  50. Tetherball

  51. Baseball

  52. Soccer

  53. Football

  54. Horseshoes

  55. Corn Hole

Do you remember doing any of these when you were a kid? What else did you do?

Do you think these are activities your grandchildren will love?

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