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A Better World

A Better World

A Poem

By Tammy Snyder

Born to this world in innocence and submission,

We take what we get, whatever is given.

Craving only for love and joyous laughter,

We seek and are sought; we always matter.

Then as eyes are opened and learning begins,

Our hearts will be stained and cut from within:

Drugs and alcohol, gambling and pornography,

Guns, knives, stealing, and human trafficking;

Wars and hate - you're good and I'm bad,

Over color and creed, and fighting for land;

Religions and gods, hundreds there be,

Fighting for beliefs that no one can see;

Mocking and lying, cursing and seething,

Anger growing and spilling simply for breathing;

Pronouns and initialisms, perverting nature,

Celebrating sin in defiance of their maker.

Where's the comfort and control we once had of ourselves?

Where's the love and laughter, we once received?

Remember the dawn when hope was ahead,

When a fresh start, a blank canvas, before you was spread?

Your dreams and desires, the goals that you set,

Where did they go, what defeat have they met?

We ask ourselves, what can we do, what can we say,

We can't give up yet, there is a better way.

Yes, take a deep breath and secure your stance,

Our world will change if we give us a chance.

Remember your youth, to love and to laugh.

Kindness to serve on all of life's path.

Smile and serve, make friends on this earth,

Have pity, compassion, love and concern.

Aim for what's important - the things that feed the soul,

And leave the greed of worldly gain and vanity alone.

Acknowledge and worship your God - your Creator,

Find salvation in Christ, His Son - Your Savior.

The truth of the Word is what we need,

Let not the evil one be allowed on us to feed.

Let's live in a better world!

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