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Dessert For Two

Dessert For Two

A Poem

By Tammy Snyder

In carefree habit she pulls taught her silver hair,

The combs stuck in snug before, with a pleased pat, she turns.

Another day has begun and it's time, she decides,

To make her acquaintance, again, with the Lord up on high.

With a crack of an egg and the beat of the whisk,

She smiles as she sways, warmed in morning's bright rays.

"Almighty God, you've raised me well,

You've bought me and taught me; Of your goodness I tell."

Mixing sugar and cocoa, baking powder and soda,

She adds salt, milk, vanilla, water and oil.

Carefully and evenly the batter gets poured,

The cake pans are filled and seen through the door.

As the kitchen grows warm and the scents swirl about,

Her conversation with God, in great reverence, goes on.

"The years have been long, Lord; your blessings - many.

I thank you for everything - the small and the plenty.

From the family that raised me to the world out my door,

The teachers, the preachers, even my enemy.

Your grace you gave freely, your mercy outpoured,

Forgiveness was ready and love restored.

Students you gave me: my children, grands and greats - all,

To teach and to share, to prepare and be ready.

My legacy all, this old heart can attest,

For when I've completed the race and you call me to rest."

When the tea kettle called and the frosting was spread,

She sat with a slice at the table she'd set.

Oh, 'twas a setting for one, but the Lord sat by,

Keeping her company and easing her cry.

"That you care about me at all simply boggles my mind;

I'm but a simple old woman in a mere speck of time.

I want to thank you for loving me and giving me life,

For the wonders I've seen and the souls that I've met.

Though I have my suspicions that you'll be calling me next,

I can't say I mind - I've held on long for the best.

Yes, friends and loved ones will be sorely missed,

But I'll gladly move on; I'm heaven bound."

The sun moved on as it passed the time;

Shadows darkening the room as evening grew nigh.

Paradise received another soul this night,

A glorious place to wait for the Lord on High!

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