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I Love The Patriotism In Branson, Missouri

It's Veterans Day week 2023, and as we did the past 3 or 4 years, we went up to Branson, Missouri (which is only 30 minutes or so away) to celebrate with visiting family to see the Clay Cooper show. As usual, it was a great show! We stay for the whole thing which is usually about 5-6 hours long, but that includes one show, then a small meal (snack), then another show. Some just go to one or the other as they go to other shows as well. Each year Clay Cooper changes it up a bit, and this year he did also. In addition to the regular acts and singers, there was also a pony pulling a sleigh, a comedian, a family of gospel singers, and a Motown group. They also give away many fabulous gift baskets. My mother-in-law won one last year! Everything was just wonderful! Then we went out to eat since we are usually starving by then! Lol. This time we went to Pasghetti's for Italian (conveniently across the street from Clay Cooper's by the way!). It's pricey, but the eggplant parmesan is fantastic, and the alfredo (which I don't usually care for) was sooooo good! It melted in my mouth! What a wonderful day it was!

Yesterday we continued our Veterans Day week celebrating by going a bit south of Branson (and closer to us) to the College of the Ozarks where they presented a new play called, Breaking The Silence - Stories of Vietnam Veterans. We've gone there the past few years to watch their other veterans plays, also. These college students are so good!!! Right off the bat, they had us in tears, as was the older gentleman in front of us whose shoulders were shaking as he cried. Poor man. It can be a hard play to watch if you are a Veteran, I'm sure. They do warn the audience ahead of time that the scenes are of actual depictions particular men went through who the stories are being told about. There is some comedy to lighten the mood though, thankfully. I think it's a wonderful play if you aren't triggered by this type of thing. One of our family members from out of town didn't go as it is too triggering for him.

After the play, we drove around the campus and took some pictures (see them below). Wow, if I was a younger person, I would want to go to college there. There is no tuition! You simply work around the campus as part of your due, and you're learning at the same time. You have no debt when you graduate! What a wonderful idea. It's such a beautiful campus, too, and they focus on Christian faith and American patriotism among other things.

All in all, I think Branson, MO and the surrounding area is the most patriotic place in the whole country! Truly! They celebrate veterans at every single show, all year round! They really honor and respect them and it can be seen all through the city.

I have so much to be thankful for, but one of the biggest is recognizing that God brought me down south here where I have found salvation through Jesus Christ. I am surrounded by people who love God and the home He's provided for us (our country). I am blessed to live in the Bible Belt of the USA. My prayer, though, would be that our country turn from having a Bible Belt to being a Bible Country... north/south/east/and west, and that God and country would matter everywhere and all the time. Wouldn't that be lovely!

I am also very thankful to the men and women who have served our country in defense of our values and our freedoms. Seeing and listening to so many of these veterans at these shows and events as they gather together allows everyone to see just how unique and tough they are with their special mix of grit and vulnerability. We owe so much to them all!

To all our Veterans,

Thank you for your service!

Photos are what I took at the College of the Ozarks:

Lord willing, we'll see their presentation again in 2024! :)

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