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Lovely Reflections

Isn't it wonderful when you can take the time to just sit and reflect on the people in your life, your Creator, and everything special to you? Maybe even think about some changes? I think so!

While I enjoy sitting around, chatting and reflecting with others, I really like my moments alone. Those quiet times when I'm just sitting on the porch watching the birds or neighbors go by, or I'm doing some dishes at the kitchen sink and staring out the window are among my favorite. In those peaceful moments I might start thinking about my sons and their families; the conversations we've had or the latest milestones of our grandbabies. Always, when I'm thinking about my next blog post, I will start reflecting. So many thoughts are running through my head and heart even now as I write this.

Most opportunities of reflection are my own, but oftentimes they become time with my God. It's not necessarily a time of prayer, although I may do that too, but more like I know He is there and a part of my mental stroll. The lovely thoughts and the peace that I gain during these quiet moments of reflection undoubtedly come from the Almighty. Especially in moments when my thoughts turn to His Word and I see something in a new light, or I am brought to tears by the love of His Son.

Eventually, my name will be called, the phone will ring, or Wally will want some attention, and my lovely reflections will have to come to an end. The peaceful feeling I received will linger on for a while, hugging me in that soft, mellow warmth until I get that next opportunity to relax and reflect on everything important to me.

Reflection is so beautifully important. It calms and rejuvenates. It's an opportunity to find perspective. It has even been a time of finding change. What a blessing it is!

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