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On Fire For The Lord

"And he was three days without sight, and neither did eat nor drink." Acts 9:9 (KJV)

If I had to guess who may have had the most fire lit under them in New Testament times, I would have to say, in my opinion, it was Paul - who we know first as Saul. This was a man with a heart to jump right in, to put his all into everything he did. Whether persecuting Christians or serving Christ, he had undisputable passion. And isn't it hard to fault someone for their passion... even if it is misplaced?

We know that Jesus spoke to Saul, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" Then, after having been struck blind and told to go into the city where he would meet Ananias who would lay his hands on him to restore his sight (like scales falling away), and being baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, he - after just days - began preaching about Christ.

Can you imagine the initial skepticism, the fear, when Paul walked into town or a synagogue? He used to put Christians to death! Now the tables have turned and the Jews want to kill him! How ironic! But, true to form, Paul spent the rest of his life working all the more earnestly to spread God's Word. He may have felt like the least, but he just worked all the harder with a steadfast passion for Christ!

How can we have that fire for the Lord? I believe by obeying the Gospel unto salvation as Paul did. By putting God first in our lives. By not being ashamed of the Gospel. By inviting others to worship and study. By sharing the Gospel with family and friends. By remaining steadfast in our faith until the end... just like Paul did. :)

Do you know someone on fire for the Lord? Are YOU on fire for the Lord? If not, do you want to be? Today is a great day to start! :)

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