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Retirement Activities For The Quiet Soul

Perhaps your story goes something like mine... Your kids are adults now - they moved out some time ago and have their own families to tend to. The mortgage is paid, thank you Lord, but you bought that reliable car you're still paying for, and have been making those necessary repairs around the house. You make enough to live on and are fairly content with your life, but sometimes you still get a bit bored.

Even without having to pay those remaining bills, and even if you were rich enough to go globe-trotting, you still wouldn't because it's not you. You're a quiet soul. A homebody. You love an adventure, but more of the imaginary sort you find in books and movies. You might live another thirty years though, and that might all get old. What else can you do to keep yourself active, engaged, and fulfilled?

I have a few suggestions that I've either done or am interested in that you may find useful as well. If you have any additional suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Retirement Activities For The Quiet Soul

Do You Like To Write?

  1. Write a cookbook - put it in print or make your own website.

  2. Write to military stationed overseas.

  3. Be the card giver for new members of your church.

  4. Get a parent or grandparent memoir book to fill out and give to your loved ones.

  5. Write that novel you always meant to write.

  6. Write a journal just for you - bookstores now have the most beautiful journaling books!

  7. Blog about what interests you... like what I'm doing here.

  8. Write a handwritten note to someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.

  9. Prepare your will. (Why not?)

  10. Thank someone for the kind words, hugs, or deeds they gave/provided you.

Are You The Outdoorsy Type?

  1. Pull weeds.

  2. Plant your favorite flowers.

  3. Create a little bird feeding/bathing/housing area.

  4. Go for walks in your neighborhood.

  5. Go to the local city park for a stroll. Take your pet! They'll love it!

  6. Go for a long hike. There are city, national, and state park trails. Take your pick and change it up!

  7. Do you have a bike? Dust it off and go for a ride!

  8. Make some sandwiches and snacks and go for a picnic.

  9. Visit a zoo! I love those!

  10. Have a nice rest on your porch. Bring a drink and wave to the neighbors!

Are You Comfortable Bumming Around Alone or With A Companion?

  1. Check out a movie.

  2. Spend an entire weekend visiting flea markets.

  3. Walk around your town square. There are probably some new businesses you haven't noticed before.

  4. Enjoy the local fairs and festivals.

  5. Go for a scenic drive. (Bring that picnic basket for a quick snack at a rest stop!)

  6. Enjoy some window shopping! Okay, maybe bring a few dollars. You know you'll want something! ;)

  7. Go out to eat for a meal or just a piece of cake from your favorite restaurant.

  8. Visit a friend or family member.

  9. Visit another town/city. See what interesting things they have to offer.

  10. Take in a local school sport or activity.

Do You Like To Volunteer?

  1. Help out in a food pantry.

  2. Teach literacy.

  3. Read books to youth at the local library.

  4. Help a teacher in a classroom.

  5. Assist in cleaning your church building.

  6. Pick up trash in your surrounding neighborhood.

  7. Offer rides to doctor's appointments.

  8. Make food for a family in mourning.

  9. Offer to look after someone's home when they're out of town.

  10. Offer to sit for a caretaker so they can take a needed break.

Are You Crafty or Artsy?

  1. Take up knitting or crocheting.

  2. Needlepoint is all the rage now!

  3. Try your hand at painting.

  4. Put a musical motion puzzle together! That's one of my goals! :)

  5. Learn how to sew. (You might even make a few dollars! Someone always needs a hem shortened!)

  6. Try reupholstering that torn chair or ottoman.

  7. Paint some garden gnomes or stepping stones.

  8. Try your hand at photography. Your own backyard is the perfect starting point. Then frame your best pics!

  9. Take an art lesson at your local community college. I'd love to try making pottery!

  10. Share your own crafting skills with fun lessons in your home.

There are so many things a quiet soul can do to fill their time and live life with a purpose. Maybe the key is to change it up a lot. There is no rule that we have to pick one thing and do that all of our lives. I believe the enjoyment comes from experiencing a variety of things. Loving many activities, using our minds in different ways, and cultivating relationships of all kinds are what get us through life. It's a wonderful journey we're on. Let's experience it.

Share your favorite retirement activities!

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