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The Joy Of Grandchildren

It all began one glorious September day in 2019 when our first grandchild was born. We were there and watched the whole miracle unfold as Ethan Snyder came into this world and took his first breath. It was just amazing! Then, over the next four years, three more amazing little miracles would show their faces to the world - Eric, Sophia, and Charlotte would be their names. And we couldn't have been prouder!

One of the first things to bring joy to me as a grandmother was watching my own three sons interact with their babies. Watching them hold and study their own children is SO fun and brings sweet tears to my eyes just remembering it. Seeing each son with his own family (mommy, daddy and babies) growing and thriving are among the most beautiful and endearing blessings God has ever given me!

There was also great joy early on when we realized there were going to be babies in our home again for visits and sleepovers! How exciting!! It had been a long time since we thought about the dangers of wet fingers touching outlets and little items getting lodged in throats, though, so we immediately went to work baby-proofing. We had wondered: do we need those things you put in cabinets so they can't open them; what about those doorknob thingies; what if they fall in the toilet reaching for a toy; should we get a crib for visits; where will everyone sleep? Oh, what if they get hurt? We better have their doctor on standby. Poison Control too! Better put the medicines, cleaning supplies, Tide Pods and Cascade Pods up high and out of reach. Don't cook on the front burner and watch they don't get into the drawer with the knives. I chuckle now remembering all of the worries you can have with little ones around. But it is a worry born of love. We would never want anything to happen to these precious souls that God has blessed us with and we are thrilled to do whatever is necessary to ensure their safety. Really though, grandparents don't have to rearrange their whole house. Just put up the dangerous things and keep an eye on them. Most of our energy should be saved for the pure enjoyment of being with our grandchildren. And, it is pure enjoyment!!

The greatest joy, of course, are the grandchildren themselves. Can it get any better than to see new curiosity for the world around you? Things I don't really pay any attention to they will find utterly fascinating! I love seeing their eyes grow huge and light up over a spinning ceiling fan, find fascination for jumping over a line on the floor, or learn they don't like this food, but they really love that one. Can it get any better than hearing their squeals of delight or full-on laugh attack? What about them meeting those great milestones like walking, talking, and getting their first tooth? This is just the beginning! There is so much more for them to experience and I can't wait to hear their excitement as they share it all!

What it all comes down to for a grandparent is leaving our grandchildren with the joys of fond memories. For me, my favorite memories have always involved my grandparents. Perhaps that is because they weren't in my life on a day-to-day basis so the memories stand out. I don't know. I do know, though, that I treasure those memories, and I would love for my grandchildren to have fond memories of me to look back on as well. I pray those memories will include the times we laughed together, our family gatherings, the special moments spent with each of them, the helpful advice I gave, the strength of my faith, being someone they love and respect, and anything else I can leave with them. It's the little things that have always meant the most to me. I hope I can give even a portion of that to my grandchildren.

Dalton, Bethany, Ethan, and Eric

Logan, Cassidy and Charlotte

Reed, Sariah and Sophia

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