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Why Be A Star Player When You Can Be A Benchwarmer?

Back in the day, I played some sports. I was a cheerleader and volleyball player. Okay, so the phrase "I played" is open for debate. Lol. In truth, I was terrible! Really! I was a so-so cheerleader and as for volleyball... well, I was terrified of those girls who would jump up and slam the ball down over the net into your face, so I didn't care for that sport. In the end, what I became, was a benchwarmer!

Yay, a benchwarmer. What every player dreams of, right? Little did I know, though, that it would become my legacy. Now, don't get me wrong... I am not having a pity party over this. I've had my fifteen minutes of fame (twice!): I wrote a novel that sold thousands in one month, and I kissed a cowboy back to life (on the Silver Dollar City stage). On the contrary, it has become the best part of my life! Who wants to be a star player when you can be a benchwarmer, anyway? Really, what do they have that is so special? Action? All eyes on them? Cheers? Accolades? Respect? Endorsements? I admit that all sounds fantastic, and just by being on the team, the benchwarmer gets that, too. And, while some see the limelight forever, we benchwarmers may never see it at all. Isn't that just wonderful?!

You may be raising an eyebrow by now wondering if one of those volleyballs over the net has actually caused me damage and I say, nope! I have simply lived long enough to have gotten a good long look at the world and I've concluded that being a benchwarmer has so many more benefits. By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I am no longer talking about sports here but life in general. Being a benchwarmer in life means not having to worry about having all eyes on us, and having no pressure to be "playing" constantly for the respect of others.

That's not to say a benchwarmer has no responsibilities. Actually, benchwarmers have the greatest responsibilities of all: we are life support; we are there to fill in when someone falls; we are there to boost morale; and we are the water boys pitching in where needed. One of the best things a benchwarmer can do is to pray for those star players because they are much more responsible for what they say and do having all those eyes and ears on them. What they can accomplish is far greater (whether good or bad), and they will be held more accountable. That's a lot of pressure on them! And while I admire the talent and skill of star players, I am more than content to stand in the background serving and cheering others on. It seems my lot in life, and I am happy to have it.

If we see others whose lights shine brighter than ours, or who reap greater worldly rewards than us, we needn't be envious. Instead we should push those feelings aside for something more precious... being a servant of Christ. We've heard the saying that it's all how you look at it. Well, it really is. A heart of gold is a heart for Christ. A heart for Christ is a heart of a servant. We can choose to be someone who jumps up eagerly to see what someone needs. We're on the same team. Let's support and cheer one another on. Let's pray for the more visible among us that the choices they make will be the right ones.

If we are fulfilling benchwarmer duties in this life, it doesn't mean we aren't good enough. It means we are fulfilling different duties - servant duties. If we are servants for Christ, we won't mind it at all and we'll receive our individual reward... a home in Heaven.

I love my role in life! How about you?

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